A wise man once said that life is a combination of magic and pasta (you can say that again!). Bringing his magic to the world, we’d like you to meet the master pasta maker behind Farina+, Domenic Giambattista! Let me tell you, there are pasta lovers, and then there is Domenic, pouring his heart, soul and 100 year old family traditions into his fresh pasta. We discovered his shop a few years ago, tucked away in Maple, Ontario… and seriously, popping in on a whim was one of the best (and most delicious) decisions.

2012: New Pasta, Old School

It was 2012. Domenic was 27 years old, and with his formal training and all of his Italian ancestors behind him, he was ready to take the leap and start his own business. Instead of opening a restaurant like the ones he worked at in the past (like Tutti Matti and Mark McEwan’s restaurants), Domenic chose to follow his heart, and opened an artisanal boutique specializing in fresh and authentic homemade pasta.

“I was inspired by family traditions and multiple trips to Italy which allowed me to explore the world of pasta making” – Domenic

What started out as a passion, has now grown into a dedicated community of pasta enthusiasts who love everything that Farina throws at them. Whether it’s their fresh ElicheMushroom and Ricotta Ravioli, or the Organic Sweet Potato Gnocchi, they never fail to impress. And we seriously can’t get enough!

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