Putting on the pasta for a global celebration

It’s National Pasta Month and World Pasta Day on Oct. 25 – so grab your favourite noodle and your imagination, and just go to town. Pasta has a history that dates back thousands of years, can taste like a million bucks with just a handful of ingredients. and makes for a great source of sustained energy.

World Pasta Day dates back to 1995 and was part of the World Pasta Congress, when experts from all over the globe assembled to talk about spreading the good word about this food’s cultural and culinary importance. On a global scale, pasta is a bedrock of many a kitchen, and the pandemic has seen a desire for this beloved food increase, with people not only buying different varieties, but making their own, as well.

Giambattista ( farinaplus.com), who studied and trained in the fine art of pasta making, is old school – he makes pasta in small batches and uses unique and unusual stuffings for some of his fillings, like slow-cooked braised beef, lobster or vegetable of the day. “Pasta is seasonal – you’ll find in the summer, the pasta is slimmer, the toppings are reflective of what the farmers are producing.

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